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   Impruneta Terracotta Kilns and Furnaces
Carbone Massimo
Corsiani Alessandro
Cotto Chiti
Cotto R.E.F.
Europa Impruneta
F.lli Masini***
Fornace Pesci
Il Sole Terrecotte
Impruneta S.r.l.
Fornace Impruneta
Mariani Mario
Pesci Giorgio e Figli
Poggi Ugo***
Ricceri Giuliano
15 - Ricceri Sergio
Sannini Impruneta
11 - Vanni Luca
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Impruneta Terracotta Kilns and Furnaces   
15 - Ricceri Sergio Interactive map
Locality: Impruneta
Address: Via Fabbiolle 12
CAP: 50023
Phone: 055-2313790
Fax: 055-2313790
Email: terrecottericceri@hotmail.com
Sito internet: www.sergioricceri.com
This furnace was established in 1956 and is specialised in the reproduction of antique ceramics such as buccheros, Greek and Roman models, hand made and painted majolica and meridians, along with the traditional production of cotto objects. It also produces fountains both for internal use and for terraces, cotto painted with special pigments so that it seems antique and the craquelé materials.

The structure of this brickworks is a peculiar one and it is found on only one floor.
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