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 Ecomuseum of Impruneta
   Ecomuseum of Impruneta
Terre d'Impruneta
Impruneta and Jean Michel Folon
Ecomuseum of Impruneta   
The cultural heritage of Impruneta, which was built up over the centuries, is diffused over its territory, which is an extraordinary landscape with unique characteristics.
There are several important historical and artistic collections of great value, such as Museo di Arte Sacra in the Basilica, or some of the cotto handmanufacts in the brickworks. The archive of Maria Maltoni deserves to be mentioned because it testifies the experience of the Scuola di San Gersolè.
The ancient tradition of cotto and all the attention dedicated to the agricultural products are the results of the richness of Impruneta. We must also give recognition to some social aspects of Impruneta community life such as Fiera di San Luca and Festa dell’Uva, which play an essential role in its heritage.
As previously stated, Impruneta has a particular geographical position within the Province: on one hand it borders with Florence, a city of art and tourism; on the other it is the natural door giving access to the Chianti.
Taking all these elements into consideration, the County Town has undertaken a programme of initiatives in order to develop its identity, its own peculiar resources, keeping a close relationship with the surrounding territories.
One of the initiatives is Progetto Integrato –based on the participation of social bodies, cultural associations and entrepreneurs- which aims at the formation of the Ecomuseo Terre d’Impruneta.
Parusia has been chosen to provide the definition of the characteristics and the guidelines of the programme of Ecomuseo.
The choice of an ecomuseo seems to be appropriate to the cultural and environmental heritage of the territory. Moreover this choice seems to respond to the development of the local area, which the local government is trying to pursue in a balanced way in keeping with its history and its tradition.
The model for an ecomuseo was first established in France in the 50s and then became popular in Italy. During many congresses and conventions researchers underlined the fact that the ecomuseo is based upon “an agreement in which a community commits itself to preserve a territory”
The guide lines of the model are very simple. They include “a union of assets and locations”, which in their totality represent the territory. The guide lines provide the itineraries which permit the “knowledge and the enjoyment” of places.
These itineraries can provide a general survey of the territory or can specialise on individual arguments.
Information points for each area help visitors to get their bearings. These information points are the core to the functioning of an ecomuseo. At each point the visitor can find some rooms providing information, others for meetings and discussions, a library, archives, spaces to display permanent collection or temporary exhibition.

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The cultural heritage of Impruneta, which was built up over the centuries, is diffused over its territory, which is an extraordinary landscape...>>
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