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 Impruneta Terracotta Videos
   Impruneta Terracotta Videos
Impruneta Terracotta Videos   
Simplicity is the main feature of terracotta from Impruneta. These elements are all needed: clay of our hills and water to knead, fire to fire the crafts and air that dries them.

The result is a natural product, with a warm rosy colour and extraordinary resistant, that does not break, not even with frost.

A product that can be used to construct futurist buildings, but also to create vases and orcio pots, that decorate the gardens of Tuscan villas.

Click on the links below to watch the videos:
The connection with Florence
Tradition and Innovation
Workshop and Industry

Crafting techniques
Grinding and Kneading
The "Round Craft": the conca vase
The "Round Craft": the orcio pot
The "Square Craft": the brick
The "Square Craft": the tegola roof tile
Loading of a Firing Chamber
Stages of Firing

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